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Preparatory functions codes (M= modal)

G00 Rapid positioning, point to point (m)
G01 Linear positioning at controlled feed rate (m)
G02 Circular interpolation CW-two dimensional (m)
G03 Circular interpolation CCW-two dimensional (m)
G04 Dwell for programmed duration  
G05 Unassigned EIA code may be used as hold. Cancelled by operator.  
G06 Parabolic interpolation (m)
G07 Unassigned EIA code reserved for future standardization  
G08 Programmed slide acceleration  
G09 Programmed slide deceleration  
G10- Unassigned EIA-  
G11- -code sometimes used-  
G12 -for machine lock and unlock devices  
G13-G16 Axis selection (m)
G17 XY plane selection (m)
G18 ZX plane selection (m)
G19 YZ plane selection (m)
G20 Unassigned EIA code  
G21- Unassigned EIA code sometimes used-  
G22- for-  
G23 nonstop blended interpolation movements  
G24 Unassigned EIA code  
G25-G29 Permanently unassigned. Available for individual use.  
G30-G32 Unassigned EIA code  
G33 Thread cutting, constant lead (m)
G34 Thread cutting, increasing lead (m)
G35 Thread cutting, decreasing lead (m)
G36-G39 Permanently unassigned. Available for individual use.  
G40 Cutter compensation / offset, cancel (m)
G41 Cutter compensation, left (m)
G42 Cutter compensation, right (m)
G43 Cutter offset inside corner (m)
G44 Cutter offset outside corner (m)
G45-G49 Unassigned EIA code  
G50 Reserved for adaptive control  
G51 Cutter compensation + / 0  
G52 Cutter compensation -/0  
G53 Linear shift cancel (m)
G54 Linear shift X (m)
G55 Linear shift Y (m)
G56 Linear shift Z (m)
G57 Linear shift XY (m)
G58 Linear shift XZ (m)
G59 Linear shift YZ (m)
G60-G69 Unassigned EIA codes  
G70 Inch programming (m)
G71 Metric programming (m)
G72 Circular interpolation-CW(three dimensional) (m)
G73 Circular interpolation-CCW (three dimensional) (m)
G74 Cancel multiquadrant circular interpolation (m)
G75 Multiquadrant circular interpolation (m)
G76-G79 Unassigned EIA code  
G80 Fixed cycle cancel (m)
G81 Fixed cycle 1 (m)
G82 Fixed cycle 2 (m)
G83 Fixed cycle 3 (m)
G84 Fixed cycle 4 (m)
G85 Fixed cycle 5 (m)
G86 Fixed cycle 6 (m)
G87 Fixed cycle 7 (m)
G88 Fixed cycle 8 (m)
G89 Fixed cycle 9 (m)
G90 Absolute dimension input (m)
G91 Incremental dimension input (m)
G92 Preload registers  
G93 Inverse time feeedrate ( V/D ) (m)
G94 Inches ( millimeters) per minute feedrate (m)
G95 Inches ( millimeters ) per revolution feedrate (m)
G96 Constant surface speed, feet (meters) per minute (m)
G97 Revolutions per minute (m)
G98-G99 Unassigned EIA code  
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